CAPM Certification Examination Requirements

The CAPM certification examination requirements prerequisites are mandatory conditions aspiring CAPM candidates must fulfill to be eligible for the examination. These requirements encompass educational qualifications and other relevant criteria. The Project Management Institute will meticulously scrutinize the application and assess the applicant’s eligibility to take the CAPM certification examination.

Eligibility Requirements for CAPM Certification Examination

1. Secondary Degree Holder

Educational Background. High school diploma, general education development, or global equivalent.

Project Management Education. Minimum 23 contact hours of formal project management education. If active CAPM holder, then does not need project management education.

Ineligible Requirements for CAPM Certification Examination

If you do not meet the eligibility requirements, check the suggestions below.

1. Does Not Attain Educational Background

If you do not have the academic requirements,

  • Pursue your qualification; or
  • Give up your aspiration to earn a CAPM certification.

2. Do Not Have Contact Hours

If you do not have any contact hours,

  • Enroll yourself in the CAPM training program from PMI Authorized Training Partner.

When seeking a CAPM training program, verify that the CAPM trainer is a certified PMI Authorized Training Partner. This certification ensures that upon completion of the CAPM training program, participants will receive 23 contact hours.

Certification Expenses: CAPM Certification Examination Requirements

Acquiring a reputable professional certification entails a financial commitment, as one enroll in a course and subsequently sit for the certification exam. Carefully scrutinize the cost structure of this investment.

1. CAPM Training Course Fee

Payment for the CAPM training course is to the PMI Authorized Training Partner responsible for providing the CAPM education program. Upon completion of the CAPM training or certification course, participants will have accrued 23 contact hours towards fulfilling their project management education requirements.

It is important to note that each CAPM training provider offers a unique package, resulting in varying course fees. However, the crux of the training is focus around project management knowledge and concepts tailoring towards the CAPM certification examination. Prior to selecting a training provider, thoroughly review and compare course outlines.

The CAPM training program is available in both physical and virtual classroom settings. It is imperative that individuals assess their learning needs and preferences in order to select the CAPM training program that best suits their requirements.

2. CAPM Examination Fee

The payment for the CAPM examination fee remitted to the Project Management Institute upon acceptance of your application.

  • PMI Member Examination Fee: USD225
  • PMI Non-Member Examination Fee: USD300

3. CAPM Retaking Examination Fee

The fee for retaking the CAPM examination is payable to the Project Management Institute in the event that the candidate did not pass on their previous attempt.

  • PMI Member Examination Fee: USD150
  • PMI Non-Member Examination Fee: USD200

4. PMI Membership Fee

The Project Management Institute (PMI) requires an annual membership fee to be paid by individuals upon becoming a PMI member. This fee is also payable for renewal purposes.

As a PMI member, you enjoy additional privileges beyond those of a registered user. These include access to project resources available on the PMI website.

Registration as a user is free of charge, and does not require any fees to maintain your account. This account allows you to apply for registration for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification examination, as well as submit Professional Development Units (PDU) to maintain your prestigious credential once you have passed the certification examination.

PMI members are eligible for a discounted fee for their CAPM examination, which is the only privilege available prior to obtaining PMI certification.

  • Member Annual Fee: USD139, including USD10 admin fee

5. CAPM Study Material Cost

To commence your CAPM training or certification course, it is imperative that you acquire the PMBOK Guide. Additionally, obtain CAPM examination study guides to facilitate your CAPM exam preparation.

6. CAPM Examination Simulator Cost

The CAPM examination simulator is a valuable resource to aid your preparation for the CAPM exam. While free options are available online, investing in a paid simulator that offers high-quality CAPM test questions is still worthy. Opting for a paid CAPM examination simulator ensures access to relevant and comprehensive sample questions. Martin Ann PMP is an example of a reputable paid simulator that can provide learning experience effectively. While many CAPM candidates may prefer free simulators to minimize expenses, it is advisable to consider investing in at least one or two paid options for optimal preparation.

Auditing Process: CAPM Certification Examination Requirements

PMI will conduct a rigorous evaluation of all CAPM applications submitted. Additionally, PMI reserves the right to select applications for an audit randomly. The comprehensive review process typically requires approximately five business days to finalize.

1. Outcome of the Audit

In the event that PMI identifies any discrepancies with your application form, you will receive notification of rejection through an electronic communication. This notice will contain comprehensive information regarding the necessary steps taken for resubmission. You have a period of 90 days to address the recommendations provided.

After successful review, PMI will issue an acceptance notice. This notice will provide detailed guidance on payment of the CAPM examination fee and the scheduling of the CAPM certification examination.

2. Valid Requirements of CAPM Certification Examination Application

The validity period for your acceptance of the CAPM examination application is one year. It is imperative that you remit the CAPM examination fee within this timeframe, as failure to do so will preclude you from scheduling an appointment. It is important to note that PMI will rescind your acceptance after the expiration of the valid period, necessitating the submission of a new application.

3. CAPM Audit Process

PMI retains the prerogative to designate individuals for the CAPM audit process, which is on random basis. Should you be chosen, you are required to furnish the requisite supporting documentation within a period of 90 days.

Upon successful completion of the audit, PMI will issue an acceptance notification, which will contain comprehensive guidelines for remitting the CAPM examination fee and scheduling an appointment for the CAPM certification examination.

The validity period for your certification is one year.

Application: CAPM Certification Examination Requirements

Step 1: Check Eligibility Requirements for CAPM Certification Examination

It is imperative to thoroughly review and comprehend the content outline for the CAPM examination as published by PMI. By prioritizing meeting the eligibility criteria to ensure a successful application. It adheres to the detailed instructions provided in the step-by-step guide below.

Step 2: Enroll CAPM Exam Prep Course

It is imperative to acquire 23 contact hours of project management education.

Step 3: Prepare CAPM Examination Application

In the CAPM application form, you need to provide the following information.

  • Academic Education Information
    • Highest level of education
    • Years attended
    • Country of the institution
    • Highest level of education
    • Years attended
    • Country of the institution
  • Project Management Education
    • Course title
    • Provider name
    • Course dates
    • Qualifying hours
  • Examination Details
    • Mailing address
    • Name to appear on your ID
    • Name to appear on your certificate
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Country of your PMP examination

Step 4: Submit CAPM Examination Application

In order to submit your CAPM application, it is imperative that you first register for a complimentary user account on the PMI website. Once you have successfully registered, kindly proceed to log in and proceed with the submission of your CAPM application.

Step 5: PMI Review and Audit

PMI requires approximately five business days to thorough review each CAPM application. The outcome of your CAPM application will notify you via electronic notification.

In the review process, PMI may conduct random audits of selected applicants.

Step 6: Schedule CAPM Examination Appointment

Prior to scheduling your CAPM certification examination, it is necessary to remit the exam fee. It identifies several preferred dates before submitting payment to ensure flexibility in scheduling.

Martin Ann PMP advises a three-month preparation period for the CAPM exam. Therefore, the earliest date should be three months from the start of your preparation.

It is crucial to avoid scheduling the examination too far in advance, as momentum and retention of essential project management knowledge may lost. Strike while the iron is hot and capitalize on the fresh knowledge acquired during preparation.

Step 7: Study CAPM Certification Examination

Prior to embarking on your CAPM exam preparation, it is advisable to establish a pragmatic three-month study schedule. Within this plan, establish several milestones to ensure the attainment of realistic objectives. It is imperative to read the PMBOK Guide on at least two occasions and the CAPM examination study guides.

In order to gauge your comprehension of project management concepts, it is essential to test your knowledge by attempting CAPM exam sample questions. This exercise will enable you to identify areas of weakness that require improvement, thus enhancing your overall performance.

As the adage goes, practice makes perfect. Learn from your mistakes and address any gaps in your understanding.

Step 8: Take CAPM Certification Examination

Prepare well for the CAPM certification examination and ensure readiness for the actual day of the examination. It is crucial to avoid allowing emotions to impact performance due to unpreparedness.

The PMI-approved proctored examination can be taken in a test center or online. However, it is essential to comprehend the nuances of both formats and adequately prepare for them.

Pearson Vue Online Proctored Examination

The online Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification examination offers the convenience of taking the test from your personal workspace through a network connection to the Project Management Institute (PMI).

To ensure a smooth testing experience, perform a system test on your laptop or personal computer at least one day prior to the exam date to identify and address any potential performance issues.

It is crucial to carefully review the policies and procedures for taking the proctored examination online to avoid any unintentional violations that may result in disqualification.

On the day before the exam, it is advisable to locate a quiet workspace with a clean desk free of paper, books, or clutter.

On the actual day, try to check in at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment. If attending the CAPM certification examination at a test center, it is necessary to bring a valid passport for identification verification.

Pearson Vue Test Center Examination

Please ensure your presence at the designated test center for the purpose of taking the CAPM certification examination. Prior to the examination day, kindly acquaint yourself with the location of the test center unless you are already familiar with it. If feasible, we recommend that you make your own travel arrangements to the test center. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, please identify alternative public transportation options. If you plan to drive, please ascertain alternative parking options in close proximity to the test center.

Further Reading

Conclusion Thoughts

The CAPM certification examination offers a globally recognized professional credential highly valued in the industry. Therefore, it worth of individuals invest their time and effort in obtaining this certification.

Despite the rigorous CAPM audit process implemented by PMI to review all applications, it is still worthwhile to undergo the application process for the CAPM certification examination.

Individuals should not be discouraged by setbacks or challenges encountered during the application procedure, as PMI’s commitment to maintaining quality standards is in the best interest of all stakeholders.

In conclusion, obtaining the CAPM certification is a valuable investment in professional development and is highly regarded in the industry.

Good Luck!